Alex Logistics

Marine Services provides complete control over the customer’s sea freight movement inside and outside Egypt,

coordinating sea freight operations from all over the world and bulk cargo transportation services at economic prices that satisfy the customer.


Alex Logistic provides

air freight services to and from Misrat Egypt at competitive prices with the provision of customs clearance and warehousing service
Customs clearance
We have a professional team in customs clearance work that takes care of all the documents required to clear shipments from the necessary approvals for any shipment, whether it is an outgoing shipment, an incoming shipment, a free zone shipment or a transit shipment, with fast and reliable services, regardless of the size of the shipment, monitoring and scrutiny of unloading and handling operations


Alex Logistics provides

internal transportation services with a commitment to achieve customer satisfaction in the dates of receipt and delivery with a fleet of cars ready to deal with any shipment